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Windows Server 2019



Windows Server 2019 is the operating system that bridges on-premises environments with Azure, adding additional layers of security while helping you modernize your applications and infrastructure.

Hybrid capabilities with Azure

Extend your datacenter to Azure to maximize your investments and gain new hybrid capabilities.

Advanced multilayer security

Elevate your security posture by protecting the datacenter, starting with the operating system.

Faster innovation for applications

Enable the creation of cloud-native apps, and modernize traditional apps using containers and microservices.

Unprecedented hyperconverged infrastructure

Evolve your datacenter infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency and security.



Windows Server 2019 RDS 50 Device

It is a system that is developed with normal Windows operating systems but is generally built on networks. In this way, you can control the networks and it has a much more important working logic. These systems, which are established for computers connected to each other, are presented in an important structure especially for a healthy operation.


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​Windows Server 2019 RDS 50 Device License

Windows Server 2019 RDS 50 Device software, which is an active network management software, is designed for the operation of network computers with its high quality use and custom installation. This operating system produced by Windows works in the same way as the Windows operating system used by the normal computer, but in a different structure.


Therefore, normal computers cannot be used. Generally, network computers are brought to the fore for healthy operation. Therefore, it is ensured that the prices stand out in a completely different way. If you look at the licenses on our site, you can see the versions offered according to the number of computers more easily.


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  • You take the product
  • Confirmation message is sent to you
  • When the message has been shipped, your products are sent to your e-mail address.
  • Your invoice is sent to your e-mail address and related address
  • Invoice Delivery Fees are sent as Buyer payed.
  • If you do not need an invoice, please specify.


  • Why is it cheap?


Digital product sales a new type widespread in Turkey. The prices are cheap since there are no Cargo Fee, Copyright Fee, Customs Tax, Special Consumption Tax, Bandrol Fees as it is shared only in the mail or digital communication environments. Not to worry about the slightest.


  • Is it suitable for Individual Use?


Yes, it's ok


  • Is It Suitable For Corporate Use?


Yes Available (Retail Languages ​​Should Be Preferred)


  • Is there a discount for bulk purchases?


Yes Available (Request a Bid for Bulk Purchases)


  • Do You Send Invoice?


Yes, we ship. If requested, we ship to your address. (Sending whether you want it or not in the mail environment)


  • If the product activation is not realized, do you make a replacement?


There is no error arising from our licenses. Return is not possible since the Disclosure of Languages ​​in Digital Products has occurred. However, the solution will always be provided ... Your orders that do not reach the solution will be returned.


  • BSA - Are Languages ​​Valid in Microsoft Audits? 


Yes, it is valid in case the licenses are Retail in audits



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Windows Server 2019 RDS 50 Device.

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